Aircraft and Crew Losses from RAF North Creake
1944 - 1945

16th/17th June 1944 EX-N

Brittain, F. C. (RAF), Wireless Operator, aged 22
Dale, T. W. (RNZAF), Pilot, aged 25
Higginbottom, J. C. (RAF), Air Gunner, aged 21
Latimer, McC. W. (RAF), Air Gunner, aged 19
Lofthouse, F. (RAF), Special Operator, aged 23
Swadling, K. M. F. (RAF), Bomb Aimer, aged 21
Watts, J. M. (RAF), Flight Engineer, aged 19
Whittleston, R. J. (RNZAF) Navigator, aged 28

15th/16th September 1944 EX-P

Cambell, J. D. (RCAF), Air Gunner, aged 22
Dennison, G. J. (RCAF), Air Gunner, aged 22
Heggison, A. D. (RAF), Pilot, aged 23
Hughes, D. T. (RAF), Special Operator, aged 28
Kesselman, M. (RCAF), Navigator, aged 21
Langley, L. G. (RCAF), Bomb Aimer, aged 24
Rennie, S. C. (RAF), Flight Engineer, aged 20
Sowden, J. B. (RAF), Wireless Operator, aged 20

25th/26th September 1944 EX-K

Barham, L. A. (RAF) Special Operator, aged 29
Chatwin, F. R. (RAF) Pilot, aged 29
Henderson, C. S. (RNZAF), Bomb Aimer, aged 25
Loveland, A. W. (RAF), Flight Engineer, aged 31
Naylor, J. W. (RAF), Air Gunner, aged 36
Roberts, P. O. (RAF), Air Gunner, aged 21
Saddler, R. C. (RAF), Wireless Operator, aged 22
Savage, R. T. P. (RAAF), Navigator, aged 22

9th/10th December 1944 6Y-Q

Brown, S. A. (RAF), Navigator, aged 22
Brown, T. A. V. (RAF), Flight Engineer, aged 21
Higgins, J. J. V. (RAF), Air Gunner, aged 39
Hinton, J. H. (RAF), Wireless Operator, aged 19
Kirkpatrick, J. DFC (RAF), Second Pilot, aged 25
Moore, S. J. (RAAF), Bomb Aimer, aged 21
Powe, T. S. (RAAF), Pilot, aged 21
Stanton, H. (RAF), Air Gunner, aged 21

6th/7th January 1945 6Y-A

Cheese, A. C. (RAF), Bomb Aimer, aged 23
Cox, G. (RAF), Pilot, aged 23
Davy, F. E. T. (RAF), Special Operator, aged 23
Farlie, C. D. C (RAF), Air Gunner, aged 23
Fenwick, S. R. (RAF), Flight Engineer, aged 20
Maden, R. (RAF), Navigator, aged 23
Meekings, A. E. (RAF), Wireless Operator, aged 20
Mison, C. D. (RAF), Air Gunner, aged 22

5th/6th March 1945 EX-E

Thurlow, J. A. (RCAF), Pilot, aged 26

7th/8th March 1945 6Y-Y

Baker, N. P. (RAF) Air Gunner, aged 22
Biggar, D.C. (RAF) Special Operator, aged 24
Coutts, H. A (RCAF) Bomb Aimer, aged 31
Ferme, A. W. (RAF) Air Gunner, aged 24
Stuart, S. (RAF) Flight Engineer, aged 20
Thomas, K. G. (RCAF) Navigator, aged 21
Wyatt, J. (RAF) Wireless Operator, aged 23

16th/17th April 1945 6Y-C

Brown, R. A. (RCAF), Bomb Aimer, aged 22
Draper, E. G. (RAF), Special Operator, aged 20
Dyson, F. (RAF), Air Gunner, aged 31
Jennings, P. S. (RNZAF), Pilot, aged 23
Jones, C. T. (RAF), Navigator, aged 30
Knowler, G. V. (RAF), Flight Engineer, aged 23
Sperling, R. (RAF), Air Gunner, aged 19
Storey, A. (RAF), Wireless Operator, aged 19

2nd/3rd May 1945 EX-R

Bradley, A. A. (RAF), Navigator, aged 23
Chambers, F. T. (RAF), Bomb Aimer, aged 29
Greenwood, D. (RAF), Air Gunner, aged 20
Loth, J. (RAF), Wireless Operator, aged 21
Mackay, W. H. V. (RAF), Flight Engineer, aged 29
Pool, R. H. A. (RAF), Special Operator, aged 28

2nd/3rd May 1945 EX-T

Bolton, W. F. (RAF), Flight Engineer, aged 23
Brooks, W. E. (RAF), Pilot, aged 23
Croft, K. N. J. (RAF), Wireless Operator, aged 22
Gavin, K. A. C. M. (RAF), Bomb Aimer, aged 22
Holder, A. S. J. DFC (RAF), Air Gunner, aged 43
Lewis, J. R. (RAF), Navigator, aged 21
Wilson, D. (RAF), Special Operator, aged 21

25th June 1945 EX-?

Adams, A. M. (RAF), Air Gunner, aged 21
Dent, I. W. (RAAF), Pilot, aged 23
Seymour, R. E. G. (RAF), Flight Engineer, aged 21
Way, W. (RAF), Navigator, aged 23

‘EX’ – 199 Squadron aircraft
‘6Y’ – 171 Squadron aircraft
Research ongoing to find missing data